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"Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself" Kahil Gibran


Support for Parents

For over 20 years I have worked with private families in the UK. I bring a host of qualities and experience and I use all my skills and understanding to enhance and inform my work. I have a particular interest in the psychological development of children and how the behaviour, actions and overall disposition of their parents or guardians impact on a child’s development.

Sometimes being a parent or carer can be overwhelming, may produce feelings of loneliness, confusion and vulnerability and occasionally a parent may experience a lack of bonding with their child and encounter 'out of depth' emotions. In these circumstances, I offer deep listening skills and help parents find their own secure base. Through connecting to their own childhood experiences, finding out what was fulfilling and what was unsatisfactory, we endeavor to create an optimal environment to establish a strong and secure foundation for their children.

It is through the process of working with parents closely, discovering how they feel in stressful situations, which informs my work and enables a deeper understanding of parental motives and rationale. Through connecting to what parents are attempting to communicate I have been able to empathise, alleviate and help them consider different methods to achieve their goals. This enables them to parent their children in an optimal way.

Over time, the parents I work with grow, like a well-maintained muscle, to become stronger more potent parents.

How I work
  • I work with parents, enabling awareness of their feelings, needs and behaviour/s.
  • I facilitate in the separation of the child’s behaviour/s from the child’s being and in turn help parents identify their own behaviour and their own being.
  • I explain how to connect to the innate parenting role, encouraging parents to become a secure base (both internally and externally), a centre for connection, relationship and love, but a base that a child can be move from in order to develop and find their own way.
  • I work alongside parents, providing confidential space to allow change and confront difficult feelings experienced within the parental role.
  • I model how to develop a trusting relationship and provide a safe environment.

As a facilitator I offer consistent, individual and quality care, providing support and guidance for parents, carers or parents to be. For more information about how I work with parents as couples or individuals please contact me using the details below.

Secure Parents tend to raise secure children. (David Wallin)

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