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Transformational Coaching and Counselling

My Approach

Calling in the One Coaching

Where your issues are particularly associated with romantic difficulties then, as coach, I make use of the ‘Calling in the One’ approach. This particular method is a uniquely powerful and offers processes and techniques to enable the discovery of love in your life. If you choose to participate in ‘Calling in the One’ coaching I will help you to identify old beliefs and painful patterns - that may have contributed to sabotaging your love life - and help you connect to new nourishing belief systems that enable, enrich and empower. Using various techniques including meditation, visualisation and journal keeping I will facilitate a process so that you find a deeper sense of your authentic and lovable self, establish your real core values and connect you with your uniqueness and inherent worthiness so that you are able to give and receive love in your life.

Transformational Coaching

The goal in the coaching process is for you to become who you truly are in order to fulfil your life’s potential. The journey you make is in service of change and will offer a method to transform the core of your identity and amend the story that limits your possibilities.

We will work together with

  • letting go of childhood wounds and learning to find love for self
  • learning the value and art of meditation
  • finding new and innovative ways towards self-acceptance
  • initiate methods that include reflection and journaling to deepen inner wisdom

The process will offer you opportunities to discover new ways of relating to yourself, to others and also to life! ……So this means that how you behave can reflect who you are with far deeper accuracy and challenge you to the possibility for greater achievements.

As your coach, I will work closely with you, all the time finding ways to listen for your inner voice, teaching you ways to connect more deeply to your feelings and help you discover a pathway to action. It is through our coaching partnership that you will find methods and ways to empower your own specific outcome.

Psychosynthesis Counselling

Psychosynthesis is a creative form of counselling as well as a tool for self-transformation. It addresses psychological healing and spiritual development.

Psychosynthesis has often been described as the psychology of hope and a psychology of will.

Psychosynthesis was founded by the Italian psychiatrist Roberto Assagioli in the early part of the twentieth century. A contemporary of both Freud and Jung, he went on to expand their analytic concepts and methods to formulate psychosynthesis.

Psychosynthesis addresses not only issues of childhood wounding and healing but also enables the revelation of a person’s untapped potential. Assagioli believed that every person has a part that is seeking to grow towards wholeness. However, sometimes this growth can be blocked by forgotten childhood experiences where we developed unhelpful or destructive patterns of behaviour or beliefs. During the process of therapy, we aim to uncover a deeper understanding of ourselves; to allow the individual to open to a clearer sense of purpose, meaning and direction, adding more balance in their life. This process can help uncover and recognise a deeper sense of strength, creativity and will.

It can benefit an individual in various ways, including

  • supporting healing from early childhood trauma and woundings
  • promoting strategies for healthy coping
  • providing tools for self-development
  • encouraging connection to value, meaning and purpose
  • strengthening self-confidence
  • developing self-esteem
  • providing insight for growth and transformation
  • inspiring creativity and intuition

The difference between Transformational Coaching and Counselling

When we turn to a professional for help with life’s fluctuations both the therapeutic or the transformational coaching approaches can offer beneficial results. There are some similarities in the therapeutic and transformational coaching process insomuch as they both share an overall aim of transformation. Both processes offer a possible route to finding a more satisfying and fulfilling life. However, both approaches will require a different context and have different methodologies.

Transformational Coaching

The object for transformational coaching is to help you focus and achieve a particular goal. It is a guiding process to enable you to make changes that will help realise your potential. As your transformational coach I work with helping you find strategies to create and maintain motivation for change. We will explore any obstacles and create plans to achieve self-empowerment.

The transformational coaching commitment concentrates on the present and the future; intention; strategy; change and goals.


Counselling is a supportive process that offers you a method to help understand, accept and overcome emotional issues, problems and concerns, some of which may be long-standing and could include unprocessed trauma from childhood. During the counselling process we find ways to address and help identify and make sense of important personal issues and provide ways to help resolve problems and change self-destructive patterns.

The counselling process looks at the past and offers methods to help you live a fulfilling and meaningful present and future.